Experience details


We will take you to the farmers market for you to know a Mexican market, in there you can buy different items at really good prices and if you feel like it you can try the local cuisine, after that we will take you towards the north side of the city for you to see the representation of the first mass given in the island in front of an amazing view of the Caribbean ocean, continuing with this experience we will take you to the main plaza of the city where the biggest amount of souvenir shops are located for you to enjoy some nice shopping time. If you have something in specific that you want to purchase you can always ask to your tour guide to take you somewhere he or she know for you to have a better deal. After all that we will bring you back to the MEETING POINT.

Meeting Point

For cruising guests arriving at SSA or Puerta Maya: Hotel “El Cid”

For cruising guests arriving at Punta Langosta: Out front “Hooters”.
For guests staying in the island: We pick you up at your location.

For guests arriving from the Riviera Maya: Pick up at the Cozumel Ferry Terminal.


Place (1) Farmers Market. Cozumel has only one farmers market and you will visit it to know some Mexican costumes.

Place (2) Casitas Beach. A beautiful place with some sculptures and a magnificent view.

Place (3) City main square. The biggest and central plaza in the island for you to do a nice and economic shopping.



+$ ADITIONAL COST: All the shopping you do is on your side, also if you want to enjoy the local dishes at the farmers market this are on your side too.