Experience details

Cozumel Island Encounter

With this 5 hours private tour you can discover its secrets with the assistance of our professional and totally awesome local tour guides. We will take you to the most important sightseeing places for you to enjoy the totality of the island and if you want to change plans or make further arrangements with the tour guide you can, this is a totally private and flexible tour.

We will take you to an interesting presentation where you will be introduced on the process of the manufacturing of the worldwide famous Mexican liquor, the Tequila, you can also try it and enjoy the completely different taste between the comercial and the real artisan Tequila.

To continue the adventure we will take you to discover the San Gervasio archeological site which is the largest amount of mayan ruins that we have on the island, this was the mayor mayan settlement on the island and date from around the 300 a.c. A relaxing walking around an ancient city thru the jungle with beautiful birds singing on the trees.

After that we take you to the other side of the island, the east side, this is the undeveloped side of Cozumel with only beautiful turquoise crystal clear waters, pristine withe sand beaches and capricious rock formations where the waves crash and splash, your tour guide will take you to do a nice beach break for you and your family to take some sun and walk on the soft withe sand.

To close with a flourish the day we will treat you with a delicious Mexican food lunch on a nice and small ocean side beach club, tacos, fajitas or quesadillas are up for selection and we also offer vegetarian options, the main dish is on us, your drinks are on you. Here the water is so clear that you can see the fish even from outside the ocean, so we provide you with snorkel gear for you to go into the water to watch this beautiful and colorful fish swimming right around you, for the snorkel part is necessary that you know how to swim.

During the time of the tour around the island you will have a cooler with fresh and safe water and beer. Some families enjoy better to have sodas than beer and you can always contact us to ask for the beers being changed for soft drinks.

Meeting point

For cruising guest sarriving at SSA or Puerta Maya: Hotel “El Cid”

For cruising guests arriving at Punta Langosta: Out front “Hooters”.
For guests staying in the island: We pick you up at your location.

For guests arriving from the Riviera Maya: Pick up at the Cozumel Ferry Terminal.


Place (1) Tequilera. In here you will be provided with the degustation of the finest real Mexican Tequila.

Place (2) San Gervasio archeological site. This is the largest and more important settlement of the mayan people on the island, this small buildings are dated from the preclassic to the classic times (1700-850 years ago).

Place (3) Beach Break. Playa san Martín is one of the most beautiful and sandy beaches that Cozumel has to offer, in here you will be a bale to do a barefoot walking in the pristine withe sands of the Mexican Caribbean.

Place (4) Tortugas Beach Club. In this familiar restaurant and Beach Club you will enjoy of a Mexican lunch and you will be able to go for a shore snorkeling surrounded by hundreds of colorful fish.


Includes: Entrance to the places, water and local beer during the tour and lunch.

+$ADDITIONAL COST: Any shopping you do around the island is on your side and the drinks and extras of the menu at the beach club are also on you.