Experience details

City Cantina Hop

This experience is for beer and snack lovers, we will take you first to a nice tequila tasting for you to start warming up, then we will take you to 3 different cantinas inside the city area, in each cantina you will be provided with some local snacks to enjoy while drinking your beer, also the first beer in each place is on us. At the end we will bring you back to the start point of the day.

Meeting point

For cruising guests arriving at SSA or Puerta Maya: Hotel “El Cid”

For cruising guests arriving at Punta Langosta: Out front “Hooters”.

For guests staying in the island: We pick you up at your location.

For guests arriving from the Riviera Maya: Pick up at the Cozumel Ferry Terminal.


Place (1) Tequilera. In here you will be provided with the degustation of the finest real Mexican Tequila.

Place (2) La ballenera. This is a well known local cantina that offers good price beer and delicious snacks.

Place (3) La Gitana. One of the most popular cantinas in the island, “La Gitana” has been around for decades and one of the favorite places for locals to gather together.

Place (4) Las Brisas. With a little live music band “Las Brisas” is a very popular cantina for the relaxed environment and their great and bast snack offer.


The tequila tasting and 1 beer in each cantina, any other drinks are on you.

+$ADDITIONAL COST:The first beer in each cantina is un us, after the first one if you want to have seconds that would be on you.