Meet Cozumel

The best island in the Mexican Caribbean

Mexico is a magnificent country with many secrets and natural surprises. It is a very diverse country, but certainly the jewel of the crown is the Riviera Maya.

Cozumel is located 10 miles away the coast. With its 402.5 square miles of surface is by far the best place to rest, adventure and contact with nature for travelers from all over the world.

Facing the Riviera, there’s Cozumel. An island located 10 miles away from the coast. The 402.5 square miles of surface, is by far, the best place to rest and adventure.

Its crystal clear waters are home to more than 140 marine species. Also, there’s more than 23 species of reptiles, 15 of mammals and more than 224 species of birds. These qualities provide almost 40% of the biodiversity of the state.

In addition, the island not only has some of the most stunning sunsets, but it is as well the first site that receives the sun daily in the whole country.

Most importantly, people from Cozumel is friendly, warm and caring. Also, they like taking care and protecting its natural resources and respecting wildlife.

The city of San Miguel de Cozumel has its own International Airport, three International Cruise Ship Piers and one Ferry Pier. Besides, it is a really safe place for our visitors. Definitely a breath of fresh air for those who visit us from busy cities. 

To sum up, Cozumel has too many valuable attributes that will leave you wanting more. Come visit us!

How to get to Cozumel

Throughout the year, Cozumel is visited by millions of tourists. Cruise tourism represents our first source of visitors. However, we also have an International Airport with 16 different airlines. 

The Ferry Pier has several arrivals and departures from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel and vice versa.

If you are planning to arrive and spend several days in the island, there are more than 25 hotels and resorts spread over the north and south side. We also have boutique hotels in downtown. Larger resorts have either all-inclusive plans or the european style. Moreover, there are more than 17 condominium complexes and B&B modalities. 

The most important cruise lines

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If you already have your insured trip to Isla Cozumel via cruise, your boat can dock at one of the three ports. Whether Punta Langosta, International S.S.A. or Puerta Maya.

If you visit us from Playa del Carmen, you will disembark at the ferry terminal called San Miguel Pier.




El Cedral

El Cedral was the first settlement in the island. Located in the south side of Cozumel, historically speaking is one of the most important places to visit. It was settled between 1848 and 1849, due to the Caste Wars perpetrated in the Yucatan Peninsula. 

El Cedral is a complete must if you visit Cozumel. 

San Gervasio archaeological site

This pre-hispanic settlement, located on an old cattle ranch, was baptized in the twentieth century with the name of the saint of its owner.

It is considered to have been founded around 300 A.D., making it the largest settlement on the island despite its small size. It is believed to have also been a site of much commercial activity in ancient times.

San Gervasio is approximately 5 miles from the exit of the city of San Miguel de Cozumel and is an archaeological site that despite being small, leads you to relive past times and magical times of the Mayan world.

Chocolate, the brown gold that the mayan gods gave to humanity

We will take you to our world famous chocolate factory, located in the middle of the urban area of the island, for you to enjoy and taste up to 20 different kinds of chocolate made here, right here in the island of Cozumel!

From sweet milky chocolate to bitter dark ones or even spicy chipotle chocolate, this experience will amaze both your brain and palate!

Playa Casitas

Located almost in front of Cozumel Air Base, Casitas Beach is one of the places with amazing views for a sunset or just to walk on its wide sidewalk.

It’s a public beach and the great thing is that it’s very close to downtown. You can also soak up your feet while contemplating the sunset. Great spot in the middle of the city!  

Playa San Martin

Located in the east side of the island, San Martín Beach is one of the favorite and famous spots. The white and fine sand plus the crystal blue water are some of the greatest qualities of this beach. Definitely a must in Cozumel.

Tortugas Beach Club

Tortugas Beach Club is a small and lively beach club with great attractions and views. They have water games and a small pier, perfect for water activities. You can dock boats to do parasailing, off-shore snorkeling and many more. Moreover, they can prepare you a fresh guacamole at your table! They definitely have great mexican chefs working with the greatest flavors in town. 

It also has water games and a small pier where you can dock boats to have parasailing, off-shore snorkeling and various activities more.

Plaza Principal

The main square of the island is located as soon as you cross the street in front of the ferry terminal.

This area is full of life, color, aroma and noise by the number of vendors around it. Also, it has a unique and historical clock which is an emblematic symbol of the island. The changing color fountain is as well one of the most representative attractions in this area. It’s also one of the favorite shopping areas for souvenir enthusiasts.

Can’t come to Cozumel and not visit it! 

Mercado Municipal

If you want to get into the mexican folklore, you must visit the Municipal Market of Cozumel. You will find taquerías, breakfast shops, fishmongers, fruit stores and butchers, to mention some of them. There are also great options to try typical food from the region, always with local flavors. 


Tequila is one of the things that most distinguishes and highlights Mexico around the world. That’s why we have Tequilera, because it gives the opportunity to taste real tequila while you are in Mexico. If you are a tequila lover, you can’t miss this place. 

Open 25 Hours (Welcome to Miami)

Located near the southernmost side of the island, we have this small local treasure. If you pick this spot, make sure you try the Mojito. One of the favorites! 

La Ballenera

La Ballenera is a family concept bar highly recommended by local people. It is a great place to spend time with family and friends listening to good music and drinking cold beers. They serve beers in metallic buckets with ice to keep the optimal temperature, while the kitchen prepares delicious freshly made snacks as a courtesy of the house. 

La Gitana

The cozumelenian canteen by excellence, La Gitana is the favorite one of many generations in the island. It is well known for its ceviches freshly made and the seafood soup. Of course, they also have cold beers at its best temperature. Definitely a must! 


Coconuts is a small bar located in the east side of the island. Nestled on top of a small cliff, it gives one of the best views, as it is the highest hill of Cozumel. It is a must site where tourists really enjoy due to its great atmosphere and friendly staff. 

Las Brisas

One of the most beloved bars, this one is distinguished for its live cumbia music and well served snacks. This place also has cold beers and their affordable prices make it a must-see place to enjoy. 

Las Flamitas

This is a small “fondita” located in the center of the city of San Miguel de Cozumel. Their specialty is typical homemade food. You’ll feel like eating at granny’s house. 

If you want to try something very traditional in Mexico, this is your place. 



4 Hours

55 USD
Per person


4 Hours
55 USD
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5 Hours
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