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Downtown Shopping

Perfect for shoppers. Meet a Mexican market, taste the local cuisine, and finish with a visit to the main plaza to enjoy some nice shopping time.

Cozumel Island Encounter

Discover the secrets of the island with the assistance of our professional and totally awesome local tour guides.

City Cantina Hop

For beer and snack lovers. Meet 3 different cantinas inside the city area the first beer in each place is on us!

Tequila Hop

Discover the differences between the commercial tequila and the real artisan way of prepping this Mexican heritage. Taste a nice good mixed tequila shot with one of the most impressive views on the highest place on the island.

Local Traditions

We will take you to discover the local traditions of the island like the first town in Cozumel “El Cedral”.


Feel free to contact us to offer you a personalized scheduled for you.


Welcome to Cozumel

Mexico is a magnificent country with many secrets and natural surprises.  It is a very diverse country, but certainly the jewel of the crown is the Riviera Maya.

Cozumel is located 10 miles away from the coast. With its 402.5 square miles of a surface is by far the best place to rest, adventure, and contact with nature for travelers from all over the world.

Facing the Riviera, there’s Cozumel. An island located 10 miles away from the coast. With its 402.5 square miles of surface, is by far, the best place to rest and adventure.

The crystal clear waters are home to more than 140 marine species. Also, there’s more than 23 species of reptiles, 15 of mammals and more than 224 species of birds. These qualities provide almost 40% of the biodiversity of the state.

In addition, the island not only has some of the most stunning sunsets, but it is as well the first site that receives the sun daily in the whole country.

Most importantly, people from Cozumel is friendly, warm and caring. Also, they like taking care and protecting its natural resources and respecting wildlife.

The city of San Miguel de Cozumel has its own International Airport, three International Cruise Ship Piers and one Ferry Pier. Besides, it is a really safe place for our visitors. Definitely a breath of fresh air for those who visit us from busy cities.

To sum up, Cozumel has too many valuable attributes that will leave you wanting more. Come visit us!

About Vibee


We are the personalized attention during your holiday stay in Isla Cozumel. What we look for is quality service that consists of putting together experiences in your way always looking for your greatest satisfaction. Our priority is to make your holiday on the island a memorable occasion.


Our guides are the heart and soul of Vibee, together we are a family.
We offer a way to do sightseeing that allows you to know and explore as you like. We also rely on the support and direction of our experienced guides. All our guides are certified, friendly, flexible, knowledgeable and bilingual.


We started our activity around 2015 in Cozumel. Today, we are a family of entrepreneurs, and, above all, we are a fun and relaxed team. (especially our official mascot, Kab, a Melipona bee that represents our spirit of good vibe and teamwork.)
In short, our motto “Experiences your own way” perfectly sums up our main goal. We want you to have memorable experiences to your form and taste.



Jeep tour with Alice

We met Alice on 4/1 for our Jeep tour. She was amazing!!! My boys are still talking about her.
She gave us different options of what to do during our tour & gave great recommendations with the ages of our kids.
Please tell her how much we enjoyed our tour & that Tucker & Kellen-her sweeties- say hola!!
Can’t wait to go back in the future

John Doe